5 Tips to Stay Motivated!

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Hey guys!! I do not if its just me but January seems like the longest month ever!! Especially when it comes to staying motivated or on track! I feel like the first half of January I am really excited and pumped about my goals and than the second half of January I really struggle to keep going! I have found that I use these 5 tips to help me stay motivated even when I have no desire to do anything!!

Tip #1 – Podcasts

I have recently discovered podcasts and I LOVE them! I know podcasts are not anything new, but they are to me!! I guess I lived under a rock for awhile! I really love to listen to motivational podcasts while I work! If you are influencer/blogger you will love Julie Solomons podcast! There is literally a podcast for everything so find a motivational podcast and next thing you know you will be doing those extra loads of laundry you didn’t want to do!

Tip #2 – Reward Yourself

I am a firm believer in treating yourself! I love receiving gifts and I think it is definitely okay to give yourself a gift! Rewarding yourself doesn’t mean you go on a $1,000 shopping spree!! Maybe it is buying that shirt you really want or maybe it is giving yourself 10 extra minutes to just relax! Rewarding doesn’t mean you have to spend money! It just means you take a moment to appreciate what you have accomplished! You work hard girlfriend and you deserve a little credit for it! If you give yourself small rewards than you will be excited to keep working hard so you can reward yourself again in the future!

Tip #3- Wake Up

It is so easy to want those extra minutes of sleep and quite honestly I do use them, but… I found that if I wake up early I do have more time to get stuff done and maybe even accomplish a goal I had set for the day. I am trying to workout more and I have been getting up on a workout day and using the 7M workout app! It is free and if I slept in a little too long I can do a 7 minute workout and feel great!! Another thing I like to do when I wake up is spend time with God! It is just me and God! None of the other day to day distractions and just a moment to praise him for all my blessings! I usually do this after a workout when I am stretching!

Tip #4- Plan It and It will Happen

I am a lover of planners! I have always loved writing down my goals for the day in a planner. My favorite planner is a Happy Planner! I think writing down what you plan to achieve for the day will really help you achieve it! If you have a planner and see that you planned to achieve a certain goal that day than you are more likely to just go ahead and do it! They say if you write down your goals than you are more likely to achieve them! And when I say they… I really just mean my internet sources hahaha!!

Tip #5- Find a Friend

So this is kind of a silly tip but it totally works for me! I have found that if I tell my goals or things I need to accomplish to a friend I am more likely to follow through and actually do it! It is such a small thing but if I see my friend and say Hey I think I am going to workout today than you better believe I am planning to workout! My word is always good so I try to always do what I say! So it is easy for me to tell someone else my plans and than feel more accountable to make them happen! It kind of gives you that extra motivation to really go and do it! And if they are a true friend than they will want to see you achieve your goals so they will promote you to do so!!

I hope these 5 tips can help you achieve whatever you have set out to accomplish! Remember God created us all with unique and special talents so go out in the world and use them!! You can accomplish anything! I believe in you!! – Have a great week!


  1. Brooke says

    I love these tips. I’m so bad at getting myself out of bed so I definitely want to work on that. I really want to get more into podcasts too!

    • stylinghearts says

      Girl getting out of bed is such a struggle for me too!!! Yes I love podcasts!! I also am wanting to start listening to ur goal digger podcast!! Thank you so much !!

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