A Tip for finding “The One”!!

Outfit: Red lace dress

Next week is Valentines Day! January goes slow and February seems to go very fast!! Valentine’s Day is fun holiday all about love! When you think of Valentines Day you automatically think of the perfect couple, holding hands, having a romantic candlelight dinner! That’s why some people do not like the holiday cause it can actually be a very lonely holiday even though it’s full of love!!

I am here to give those who feel lonely hope and those who are in love a little advice! So to start it off Mason (my hubby) and I will have been married for 5 years in March! Time flies! I’m not here to brag and tell you that everything is butterflies and roses, cause it’s not we all deal with our own battles, BUT I am here to give you hope that God does have “the one” waiting on you! I am a firm believer that God loves us so much that he has carefully selected a wonderful man to be the perfect man for you but you have to be ready or he could just pass you by!! Wait what… now I have probably stressed you out!! And I know your probably thinking, wow my Prince Charming has already passed me!! Hold your horses cause that’s not what I mean let me explain!

God loves you so much that he wants you happy but a lot of the time we get so caught up in what we DON’T have that we miss the opportunity to be happy! For example when I met my husband I wasn’t really looking for a guy and actually I was kind of fed up with guys at that moment in my life! I was however open to seeing what God had planned for me and finally had decided to let go and see what God had in store for me! I had just finished school and was about to decide where I wanted to start my life! I was actually planning to move to Dallas to be with a singing organization which would of completely made me miss meeting my husband!!!!! That’s right, I was going to live in a different state and probably would of missed “the one” if I kept looking at what I didn’t have instead of focusing on what I had! So long story short, I decided I should move home focus on myself before I jumped to what I thought would make me happy. And BAM while I had no intention to find the one, I found him! Two gentlemen decided my husband and I needed to meet each other and they brought Mason into my work place at the time and left him there!!!! It was so awkward but wonderful at the same time! And the rest is history…

So if your in love your thinking that story is wonderful and if you haven’t found the one your probably thinking Wow thanks for telling us your story but that still doesn’t help that I am single!!! I get it, I really do!! But the story is to prove that God had someone out there for you!!! When your not looking and realize you can be happy with just being you! God made you so incredible and amazing that you really only need the right guy when it’s the right time!! So relax and just have fun being you! Don’t rush it and start praying for your future hubby right now! Even if you are still in high school somewhere Mr. perfect for you is out there living his life! There is the one out there and just cause you haven’t found him doesn’t mean that tomorrow he might be across the street from you!! Be hopeful cause really how exciting is it that “the one” could be in your life in a week or next year or whenever!! God is waiting on the perfect time when your happy and able to give your future husband that best version of yourself!

God only gives us what we need when we need it! That means that I was not ready to meet my husband until summer of 2013!! I look back and think if Mason and I would of been at the same school or met before that summer we probably wouldn’t of even noticed each other cause our hearts were not ready!

God has perfect timing and doesn’t make mistakes so instead of dwelling on what we don’t have this Valentine’s Day let’s focus on what we do! So maybe you do have the one and maybe you don’t! Either way until you can be happy with yourself and realize that God is creating a masterpiece for you than you might miss the best thing ever! Maybe instead of Valentine’s Day being about us maybe it should be about the widow who lost her one! Or maybe it should be a day you go buy yourself flowers and start thinking “I deserve these cause God loves me and He is finding the one for me”! That’s right God has “the one” out there so whether you already have him or you are waiting on him, don’t miss the opportunity to be happy! It’s a great day to be the best you can be cause you truly deserve to be happy!!

Anyways enough about love and let’s talk clothes!! I wanted to show you my second outfit that I love and think would be perfect for a Valentines date or a Galentines party! The best part about this dress is it can be at your house in two days! It does fit true to size and it really is a comfy dress!! Also if you missed my Galentines gift guide you can click here!!

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