Adding Some Flare To My Style with Bell Bottoms!

Outfit Head to Toe is from All About Moi

I am so excited for 2019 and to work with different companies that I love. One boutique I just started working with is All About Moi! The last time I went to their store this was by far my favorite outfit I tried on. This outfit is a little on the western side so if that is not your style just throw on a different necklace and you have a totally different look!

The flared jeans (bell bottoms) are coming back in style and these ones fit so great!!! They fit true to size and are one of my new favorite statement jeans! Yes they are a little bit out of the ordinary but I think you can totally rock them by creating a western look like this or making the outfit a little dresser to wear to Church. I love this whole outfit and you can shop it by clicking this link. They are amazing to work with and will quickly respond to you to get you the products you want! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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