Affordable Spring Break Essentials!!

Hey guys! We are so close to Spring Break and I am so excited!! I am a teacher so Spring Break is a big deal because it means no work for a whole week!! Anyways, this year we are going to go Vail, Colorado to see my husbands family and go skiing!! I recently asked most of you where you were going for Spring Break and you said the beach!! So I am going to post affordable spring break essentials for both warm and cold places! All these items are sold by Amazon Prime so they are affordable and quick delivery!!! Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful spring break!



  1. Colorful Beach Bag with Tassles
  2. Yellow Wedges
  3. Two Piece Swimsuit
  4. Strappy Brown Sandal
  5. Circle Beach Bag
  6. One Piece Swimsuit
  7. Boho Beach Bag
  8. Silver Sandals
  1. Colorful Ski Jacket
  2. Pink Ear Muffs
  3. Black Snow Boots
  4. Backpack
  5. Gray Snow Boots
  6. Pink Pullover
  7. Snow Suit

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