Beauty Hacks for the Woman Who is Always in a Hurry!

If you are like me you have so much on your plate that you are lucky if you remember to do everything!! I am a mom, a teacher, a wife and a blogger so I never have time to spend hours getting dressed and doing my makeup! That’s why I follow these 5 beauty hacks to make me feel put together even when I am rushed!

1. Curl your hair the night before! If I am going to curl my hair for the day I always curl it the night before and put it in a loose bun and than it is ready to go the next morning!

2. Plan your outfits the night before! It is a great habit to pick out your clothes the night before cause if you are like me you will spend hours trying to find something to wear!

3. Mascara and lip gloss! Even if you don’t have time for makeup just throw on mascara and lipgloss and you look like you tried.

4. Whiten your teeth while you get ready for bed! Multi tasking is key when you are a mom or just always busy! Work smarter- not harder! If you can whiten your teeth while you shower than you just got two things done at one time!

5. Purses and bags can be a lifesaver! I always have three bags in my pickup! No I don’t carry them all! I usually have a bag for my son, a bag for what I need that day and than a bag of extras. Throw a bag in your car that has mascara, lotion, jewelry, extra clothes, perfume, etc. Pack extra beauty necessities for those moments when you need them or when you have extra time in the car to get ready!!

Well I hope these tips help! I use most of them daily and it helps me feel put together even when I am rushing around! If you have any tips I would love to hear them!!

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