Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover!

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover!

1. Apple Watch: An Apple Watch is the perfect gift for the fitness lover! It can track your workouts and so much more! It is a gift the fitness lover will wear all the time and will use so much!!

2. iPhone arm case: When I go on runs I use my cell phone arm case all the time! It is perfect to carry your cell phone during your runs and I love mine.

3. Socks: You can never have too many socks!!! Socks are a great stocking stuffer gift too!! I love new socks and especially crew cut socks for running!

4. Ninja Blender: If the fitness lover likes to eat healthy and make smoothies than the Ninja Blender is a must! It works so well and makes creating a smoothy so easy to do!

5. Tennis Shoes: I love a new pair of tennis shoes and these leopard print tennis shoes are so cute! A fitness lover will always love a new pair of tennis shoes and leopard print is so trendy!

6. Duffle Bag: When I go to the gym one thing I personally love to do is have a gym bag that is ready at all times! It is so easy to have a gym bag packed with your workout essentials so you can grab it when you are on the go and squeezes that workout in.

7. Yoga Mat: Most of us have resulted to working out at home during this crazy covid situation and a yoga mat is a great workout necessity for at home workouts! The one I linked is perfect to roll up and take it on the go!

8. Workout Bike: I have been having my eye on these awesome workout bikes! These are perfect for at home workouts! They have video workouts that you can watch on the screen while working out which is perfect to get motivated!

9. Workout Outfit: I wanted to share Fabletics workout outfits because they are amazing! Seriously one of my favorite workout outfit brands. Not only are they great. quality but they are also super cute!

10. Resistance Bands: Another great at home workout necessity!

11. Airpods: The newest and best headphones! If you are not wanting to spend the money on AirPods you can also check out these headphones! I have these headphones and I love them!!

12. Water Bottle: Its important to stay hydrated and this floral print water bottle is so adorable! You can never have enough water bottles and perfect for a stocking stuffer!

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