Christmas Gift Guides for Kids!!

Christmas Gift Guides for Kids!!

Hey Guys!!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and a time to get with the Christmas Shopping!!! I love Christmas Shopping it’s definitely one of my favorite things to do!!! As a mother to a 3 year old boy shopping for kids is my absolute favorite!! They get so much joy out of opening presents and it’s the best!! I put together several gift ideas for both boys and girls!! Hopefully this will help you get a jump start on your Christmas Shopping!!

1. Tee Ball Set– My son has this and it’s perfect to take outside and play around.

2. Build it Construction Trucks – Boys love to take things apart and rebuild them and this is perfect for that! We actually took ours when going to a restaurant and it was a perfect dinner table toy!

3. Train– This train drives and makes real life like train noises! It’s fun to watch it run around on the floor! My son loves his train!

4. Gas Station– This gas station is perfect to go along with the cozy coop cars!

5. Super Wing– Super Wings is one of my son’s favorite tv shows and these transforming airplane are so cute and fun!

6. Tool Table– Boys love their tools and this is the perfect play set!

7. Forklift– My son loves this toy and is always hauling stuff around with it!

8. Thomas The Train– Boys and trains go together like peanut butter and jelly!

9. Little Tikes Shooter– The whole family had fun with this fun that shoots soft balls! It’s so fun to shoot and is gentle if you get hit!

10. Paw Patrol– Anything paw patrol is a win with kids!!

11. Truck Hauler– Trucks and cars are always a hit with little boys!

12. Play Tools– Boys want to be just like their daddy and this tool set is the perfect gift for that!

13. Fire Station– This is so affordable and yet my son has played many hours with this! It has so many neat parts a land really fun toy!

14. Car– Little boys love to drive around in their car! It’s perfect for outside play!

15. Basketball Goal – The perfect gift for the sports lover!!

1. Disney Princess Books– A great book for the princess loving girls!

2. Jo Jo Bows– Jo Jo is all the rage and so are her bows for little girls!

3. Barbie Dream House– Definitely every girls dream!

4. Minnie Mouse Purse– This purse and accessories are so cute!

5. Girls Basketball Goal– This is the perfect size for those girls who are ready to start practicing!

6. Minnie Mouse Shopping Cart– This shopping cart is so cute and has cute little groceries inside!

7. Jo Jo Doll– For all the Jo Jo lovers this doll is so cute!!

8. Kelly’s Camper– This little Barbie camper set is so adorable!

9. Minnie Mouse Doctor Set– Its the cutest little girls doctor set!

10. Blues Clues– It’s the girl dog off of Blues Clues!

11. Paw Patrol– Paw Patrol is definitely a hit for kids!

12. Barbie Pet Shop– If your girl loves Barbie she will love this pet shop!

13. Jo Jo Watch– Little girls want to be just like you and a watch would be the perfect accessory!

14. House– Girls love to play house and this is the cutest!

15. Play Shoes– Dress up isn’t complete without high heels!

16. Bike– This is the cutest Bike and very affordable!

17. Travel Barbie– I think this Barbie is so cute!

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