Dare to Dream in 2021 | My Dream Home

Dare to Dream in 2021 | My Dream Home

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I know that we can all agree Covid kept us from continuing life the way we knew it but out of the slow down came some really good things!

It helped us slow down and really think about what we want in life!! I know I had a lot more down time than I ever had before!! Which was wonderful because it helped me really push this blog and work hard on it!! It also gave me time to daydream!!

I found myself day dreaming and really getting specific on my goals for 2021! I have read numerous books and watched many motivational speakers that have said when you put your dreams to words than the dreams turn into plans! And the plans than turn into reality!!

One goal I have for the future is building my dream home!! I love finding new ideas and features that I would love to have in my future home!!! For fun I wanted to share a little portion of my wish list items that I have for my dream home! Maybe this will inspire you to create your dream home! This is a fun activity that lets you be creative and dream big!!

Dream Home Wish List

Image found on Pinterest (linked here)

1. A Girl Boss Office: If there is one thing I have always dreamed of having it is an epic home office for blogging. I want a separated work spot that I can go to that will help spark my creativity and make me get to work!! I am seeing more and more people work from home so having a separate area for work helps them focus! I love finding ideas for my new home through Pinterest! (You can follow my Pinterest account by clicking here) I will share a few pictures from Pinterest that I found that are my inspiration for my future Home!!!

Found Image on Pinterest (linked here)

2. A Huge Closet: I want a BIG closet!! The one I have now is very small and it makes it hard to see what all you have to wear!! I am definitely planning to have a BIG closet so I can easily organize my clothes and see it all!! We live in Oklahoma so a season never truly goes away! Meaning you can never fully put up your winter clothes because occasionally it will get really cold during the warmer months! Having a big closet allows me to be able to keep all range of clothes out so I can see what all I have! Also while being a fashion blogger I am constantly receiving clothes and need a place to store them!

Image from Brazilian Wood Depot
Image from Brazilian Wood Depot
Image from Brazilian Wood Depot

3. A Beautiful Backyard Porch: Spending time outside is very important to me and I know I definitely want a beautiful backyard porch! I have recently come across a company called Brazilian Wood Depot. They create the prettiest patios! You can see all the details on their decking features and more!! They offer everything from Ipe hardwood siding, decks, and floors! They have beautiful wood options! I love the Tiger Wood they use when creating beautiful decks! Not only is it very practical for Oklahoma weather but it also is beautiful! I am so glad they sponsored this post because I have found a new dream backyard as well as siding for our home!!!

Image found on Pinterest (linked here)

4. An Open Living Room: I absolutely love a home with an open living room! It’s so cozy and I love to have a big open space for activities! One of my favorite things to do is celebrate holidays with my family!! If I had a big open living room I would be easily able to host family gatherings all in one spot!! I would also add big windows to my living room that let in a lot of sunlight in throughout the day! I grew up with big windows in our house and it definitely creates a happy atmosphere! Natural sunlight is definitely a must in my future home!!

5. A Family Centered Home: Lastly, I just want a home that everyone can call HOME!! I want it to be a place we can all gather as a family and have plenty of room for everyone!! No matter what size a home is I want it to be the place my family can come to anytime!! It is a place someone can feel welcomed and always come home too! There is truly no place like home!!

“For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything” -Hebrews 3:4

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