Designer Inspired

I do not know about you guys, but I love to shop and find good deals. The one thing I struggle with is wanting all things designer but clearly it does not fit in my budget! This blog post is going to show you designer inspired items that I have or have found! These are all affordable items but still have the expensive design!

This necklace is a Celine inspired necklace and I have got so many compliments on it!! It is perfect for layering!

This purse is a Gucci Inspired purse and I love it! It goes with everything!!

This belt is one of my favorite purchases! It is a Gucci inspired belt. I love it and it goes with everything. 

This bracelet and this one are David Yurman inspired! I have a few of them that I got from Sam Moon but I will link some I found on Amazon!

This bag is Luis Vuitton inspired! This bag is actually co-designed from one of my favorite bloggers!

This wallet is Luis Vuitton inspired! I have heard great reviews about this wallet! It is on my wish list!

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