Fall Trends You Don’t Want to Miss!!

Hey guys!! It is a beautiful rainy day here in Oklahoma and it makes me excited for Fall. I love it when the seasons change! This Fall I have seen so many cute trendy pieces that I have recently purchased that I love. I wanted to share with you some of the trendy Fall items I have seen!

The first Fall item is this initial necklace. When I first saw it I was like hmmm…. that is different.(I think that is how I am on all new trends) The more I looked at it the more I wanted one!! It is this initial necklace but it looks like branches. The original designer was Celine, but I could not make myself spend $*** on a necklace that didn’t have a diamond in it! LoL So I found a dupe for this necklace on amazon. The link to the necklace is here.

The second trendy item is corduroy pants!! Yes they are back and they are even flared!! My mom actually tried them on first because she said she use to have a pair like it when she met my dad. After she tried them on, I asked her if it was okay if we matched cause I loved them!! The flared pant legs make you look tall and slender! They are super flattering! I also love the orange corduroy because it just gives me all the fall feelings. I got them from Target and will link them here!

The third fall trend I have seen is leopard print!! It is everywhere and I love it! I mainly love it because the school I work at wears it for our team colors. We are black and gold Wildcats and somehow we have incorporated leopard print, but I am all about it!! I have recently purchased a pair of leopard booties and a leopard watch ban. I have received so many compliments on both! I will link the watch band here. The booties are from a Oklahoma Boutique that I love, so I will link the boutique here (I think the booties are sold out from the boutique but I found the same shoes here)

The last Fall trend I have been loving is the chunky knitted cardigans. They are soooo cute and cozy! I have seen them everywhere. I love this one and this one. The one I am wearing is actually from an express outlet! They are so cute and they instantly make any outfit ready for Fall!

Those are a few trendy pieces I have seen for Fall. If you would like to see more trends please let me know!! I love hearing from you guys and I hope you have a blessed day!!

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