My Current Favorite Avon Products

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a great week so far!! Some of you may not know that I am an Avon Representative and I sell and distribute Avon. So to start out with, yes I sell it but as always I do not represent or show products unless I truly believe they work or something I personally love! Today I wanted to share with you all five Avon products that I have been loving! Because I am an Avon ... Read the Post

What You Need To Know For Your First Sprint Triathlon!

Hey guys!! Today I wanted to share my experience and tips for competing in your first sprint triathlon! I always like to try new things and a sprint triathlon has been on my bucket list! Also I previously shared my tips on training for a Half Marathon that you can read here! First of all this is my first sprint triathlon ever! The only knowledge I had going into this was reading blog posts or ... Read the Post

Teacher Outfits/ Workwear Style

I am officially one week away from starting back to school!!! I can not believe how fast time flies!! This year will be a fun year because it will be the first year in our brand new school!! This teacher gets to move in a brand new building!! It was a lot of work moving everything over but it is so exciting to have a clean slate and a new space!! If you didn't know I am a library media specialist ... Read the Post