Postpartum Workout Journey! Getting that body back!!

  Hey Guys!! Happy Friday ! Today I wanted to share with you my postpartum fitness journey! I have always loved working out and being active. My degree was in physical education so I guess you can say I love to stay active! That kind of changed in 2017 when I was pregnant with my sweet baby boy! I was very sick and working out was just not working with being pregnant! I would read all ... Read the Post

My Favorite Beauty Products of 2016

Can you believe that it is 2018!! That is so crazy to me because 2017 has flown by so fast!! I wanted to share with you guys my favorite beauty products from 2017! These are beauty products I use almost everyday! I have a wish list on my phone and have started adding some new beauty products to the list that I can't wait to try out!! I will link all the beauty products so you can check them ... Read the Post

Fashionable Outfits that fit the “mommy standards”

One of the most amazing things a woman can experience is being a mom! It is a wonderful life change but it is also a lot of work! It can be so exhausting at times but so worth it! I found along with all the hard work I want clothes that are stylish but practical and comfortable. All the mothers out there totally understand what I mean when I say your wardrobe may change! That doesn’t mean you ... Read the Post