Finding Clothes That Make You Confident

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Confidence is everything! We hear it all the time to just look in the mirror and feel confident! This is easy for some people and harder for others. I have found that through my life somedays my confidence in myself is great and other days its not. The truth is… that is reality, you do not always feel confident. I have noticed through my life that my style and clothes play a huge factor in how I feel that day! After having a baby I found that I struggled with  confidence in my appearance. The truth was my body had changed, but the clothes I were trying to wear had not. No matter what body shape you are, your body changes through out your life and so does fashion and clothing styles. I think it is very important to find clothes that make you feel confident and you like to wear. Once I decided to spend a day finding clothes that fit my “new mommy body” I felt so much more confident in the way I looked. It was when I was trying to squeeze my hips into my highschool pants that I didn’t feel confident. I am in a stage of life that I have not lost all my pregnancy weight but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel confident! I found that I currently like flowly style tops and sweaters. I feel the most confident when I am comfortable but look put together. Athletic clothes are so cute and in style now! They are perfect and make me feel so good!! Find your style and it will help you feel confident. Here are 5 tips on ways to find your style!

  • Go to a clothing store and grab five very different tops: pick out the ones you like the best! Why do you like them? Are they flowy, tight, fitted?
  • Find colors that look good on you! I have pale skin with strawberry blonde hair, so I look for colors that do not wash me out! I like pinks, purples and blues! I love nude colors but they are not always the most flattering on me!
  • Find your go to style. Are you athletic, business casual, casual, or girly? I love athletic or casual clothes! These are my go to styles! I wear them the most and feel comfortable and confident in them!
  • Find that outfit that you feel beautiful in! Everyone has that dress or outfit that they feel amazing in! Find it… buy it!! You won’t regret it!!
  • Shop at stores that carry good quality clothes. That does not mean everything needs to be designer, but I have found that sometimes cheaply made clothes never fit right and I never feel confident in them! Dillards, Macys, and Nordstroms always have great sales and they always carry good quality clothes!

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