How to Get Clear Skin! The Best skincare products for flawless skin!

How to Get Clear Skin! The Best skincare products for flawless skin!

If you are wanting clear, smooth skin so you can go without makeup, I have the answers just for you! Or if you have simply tried several skincare products and still can’t find the right one, You are in the right place cause I am here to help! I FEEL YA GIRLFRIEND!!! I’ve been there done that!!

Who is ready for flawless skin? I know I was and now I can truly say I love my skin!!! So today let’s talk about:

– My Skincare Journey

– What Products I use daily

– And Discount on the Products (don’t miss this)

Before I tell you my skincare routine that has allowed me to have clear skin, let me tell you about my skincare journey! When I was in highschool I had acne and could never find the right face wash! It was so frustrating! I did realize in highschool that when I ate chocolate or nuts my skin would tend to get acne! I couldn’t figure out what to do so I decided to not eat chocolate for 3 years!! I still can’t believe I went 3 years without eating chocolate! When I say I didn’t eat chocolate I mean I literally ate one bite of chocolate when I was at Disney World but that was it! I had some serious will power! Fast forward to being married and having a baby and my skin changed! I literally could eat all the chocolate and it didn’t matter but I would get acne if i didn’t use a good face wash! That’s when I was introduced to Tula and it changed my whole skincare!! Now before you think I am trying to just sell you products, I will say that I truly use Tula daily and LOVE IT! Also just to clarify everyone’s skin is different but the amount of people who have beautiful skin because of Tula is outrageous! I have so many friends who love Tula products because they actually work!! They are full of probiotics that make your skin look AMAZING!! So enough of my story let’s find out what I use!!

Out of all the Tula products there are two products that I never go a day without using! (Remember If you decide to purchase anything please remember to scroll to the bottom and use my discount code so you can save money) I love the Tula’s Milk Cleanser. I use it every night and it’s so gentle on my skin and truly keeps the acne away!! I love it because I can even use it all over my face and it’s so gentle on my eyes but gets off my makeup! I have tried their foam cleanser and classic cleanser but prefer the milk cleanser formula. Truly all the formulas work it just depends on your preference! If you are looking for a face wash that gets off your makeup and keeps the acne away I highly suggest Tula!

The other product I use daily is the Tula primer!! This is a game changer! Seriously it changed my makeup game! First of all good makeup starts with a good skincare routine and Tula has definitely done that for me!! The Tula primer is amazing because it creates a very smooth and balanced skin tone. I have a lot of red in my skin but when I put the Tula primer on I could literally not have to put on any foundation! I have had people ask me what kind of foundation I am wearing and it’s just the Tula primer! It is hydrating and full of goodness! Trust me just try it!!! I put it on everyday under my makeup or in substitute for my foundation!! I will always use it because I love it so much!! (Here is my Discount code for any Tula product. It will give you 15% off! Discount code: STYLINGHEARTS)

Those are the two products that I use daily but here are a few more that I love and use weekly!

Blackhead Pore Scrub

Tula Eye Balm (if you have puffy eyes this is a must)

Tula Sun Screen

Tula Oil Free Moisturizer

Those are only a few more of the ones I use but truthfully they are all amazing products! Depending on what your skin needs Tula is the way to go for skincare!!!

Lastly if you decide to purchase any of these products which I know you won’t regret than you can use my discount code: STYLINGHEARTS to receive money off of the purchase!!! Tula has truly changed my skin and I am so grateful! I think you will love Tula just as much as I do!

Reminder: God made you BEAUTIFUL inside and out!!! You are unique and the best version of yourself !

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