How to get that perfect hair cut and color!

If you are like me than hair is kind of a big deal to you! I mean I have been working on growing it out since well forever!!! So when I think about going to get my hair done I use to get nervous but not anymore! First of all i found a wonderful hairdresser so that makes it easier but I also interviewed my hairdresser and found out tips and tricks to help you get the perfect hair cut and color!!

Tip #1: Show then what you want

I asked my hair dresser if bringing pictures of what you want your hair to look like helps?

She said yes it does especially if it’s your first time to this hair dresser! She said bringing a picture of the color or cute you want or bringing an old picture of how you liked your hair before is a great way to show the hairdresser what you are wanting her to create! Although she did say be realistic for example if you have really straight hair than do not show a picture of wavy hair and expect it to look the same after she is done! Be realistic and bring a picture that shows the same texture as your hair!

Tip #2- Think before you chop

I know that every once in a while we all get this idea to just chop our hair all off!! She said wait and make sure it’s exactly what you want! If you decide to make a drastic change in the length of your hair than give yourself time and make sure it’s really what you want!! Her tip was you can always take more off but you can’t put more on! In other words you can

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