Leopard Print is the Print of the Year!!

You have probably seen that animal print has been really trendy this year! I have noticed leopard print and snakeskin everywhere! I am a big fan of the leopard print trend I think it is so cute! It has grown on me more and more every day! I think it is so flattering for everyone! I can probably say now I own several leopard print items!

Leopard Print Dress linked here

The first thing I own is this leopard print dress! It is so cute affordable and perfect for spring! It fits true to size and I love how comfortable it is! I will say it is a little low cut so I just paired with a braelette let or a tank top and it works perfectly! It would be perfect for church or for date night you can dress it up or you could throw on tennis shoes with it and dress it down! I absolutely love this dress and I love the price!

Leopard Print Jacket

My second favorite piece that I have is this leopard print jacket! I have wrote a whole blog post just on this jacket because it is that good! I love it because it’s perfect for spring and you can even use it as a rain jacket! I got it from Walmart so it was super affordable and it looks so cute to just throw on and walk out the door!

Leopard print Tennis shoes linked here

My third favorite leopard print item is my leopard print sneakers! I bought these from a boutique but I have also found them here! I get so many compliments on these every time I wear them! They easily add cute detail to an outfit and they are very comfortable to walk around in all day!

Leopard print watch band

My fourth favorite leopard piece is my leopard print iPhone watch band! I love that I can switch out my watch bands and when I put my leopard print watch band on my Apple Watch it instantly gives it a classy look! I have used this watch band so many times and it is an amazing quality for the price point!

Leopard Print Bag linked here

My final leopard print item is my leopard print backpack! It has a mixture of prints and I have got so many compliments on this! I literally get a compliment every time I carry it!! It is that cute! I love how it’s mixed with the serape print! It is so cute and a statement bag that you will love!

Leopard print has kind of became a neutral it is everywhere and it is so cute to pair and style in different ways! These are just a few of my leopard print pieces that I have! I have noticed that they’re adding a lighter leopard print or putting pink with leopard to carry over into spring and summer! It is so cute and I can tell you leopard print will be around for a long time so I highly recommend investing in these pieces that I have shown you! The best part of it all is that these pieces are very very affordable and so cute! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will catch back up with you later!!

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