Looking Back on 2018…


Hey Guys!! The end of the year always goes by so fast and then it is January and you are like whoa… where did the time go!!  One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is reflect on what all happened! Every year is full of ups and downs… like seriously no one has ever had a perfect year (well except Jesus) 2018 was full of so many opportunities but it was also full of a few heartaches. 

2018 was full of so many learning experiences! Like seriously I think I understood more in the year 2018 than I have in my whole life!! First of all, my son turned ONE so I can not begin to tell you how much I have learned from being a mother! When they say motherhood changes you, they are exactly right! I now see a movie about kids and I start crying because, well I am a mother now two! (My poor hubby just comforts me, but I think he might think I have lost my marbles sometimes) Another place I have really grown is through blogging! Wow, blogging is so amazing and I found something new about it every day! Literally I discovered something new today right before I starting typing this. One of the biggest things I learned in 2018 was that people will treat you how you see yourself. I really did not start sharing that I blogged because I was scared of what people would say or that they wouldn’t take me seriously, but I found that once I had the confidence and attempted to share with everyone what I knew about blogging than I was taken seriously. I was able to work with three boutiques, three companies, and got accepted to RewardStyle all because I finally decided I could do anything I made my mind up to do! 

I felt that 2018 was a fantastic year but it was also a devastating year. The area I lived in had a HUGE fire that lasted for about 5 days! My parents lost a lot, they lost horses, a dog, cattle, land, buildings, machinery, and my father almost lost his life! Praise God for watching over him and protecting him! The fire was incredible, lots of people in our area lost a lot. My family and husband fought fire for many days. It was a very trying period for our town and family. Through it all, God is good and provided many blessings. I can not begin to tell you how many people were kind enough to help through all this. Many surrounding towns and firefighters came together to help. Even through the devastation what I found in 2018 was the amazing support of people and the kindness they were willing to show through the tough times! 

Through the ups and downs God has blessed me so much with love and those who surround me! I thank God for the wonderful 2018 and can not wait to see what He blesses me with in 2019!

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