Looking Back on My First Year of being a Mom!!

I can not believe it has already been a year since Taw was born!! That is insane how fast time flew by!! I think I have learned more in this year than I have my whole life! I wanted to share with you guys what it is like being a mom. For those of you that are already mothers I would love to hear your opinions and let me know if you relate to my experiences!

To start out this post I want to say that being a Mom to Taw is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love our little family of three! When you become a mom their are so many neat experiences that you get to go through with your child. Not only do you get to give birth (and in our experience have the baby a whole month and a half early) but you get to teach this little tiny human new things and help them explore the world! It is so crazy to think about!! I mean I can’t believe God trusted me to raise so a perfect little boy! That is a big responsibility!!! In the same breath it is the biggest responsibility you will ever have but it is so true when they say your mother instincts will kick in! It is so weird cause its like a switch goes off when you have a baby and you are able to get up and take care of the little guy!

With that being said being a mom is not all the Pinterest pictures that you see! I have had some major breakdowns being a mom! Thank goodness my husband and mom were there for me or I think I might of lost my mind! Motherhood is one of the most challenging things I have ever done! My first 11months of being mom, consisted of me having a full time job, being a full time grad student and trying to figure out how exactly I was suppose to handle raising a child. There were times when Taw was sick and I would stay up all night with him and think there is no way I would make it the next day! But… you do!! Motherhood is a challenge but it is the best challenge and such a rewarding challenge.

Since Taw was born we have taken him on several road trips and got to experience so many amazing things as a little family of three. I absolutely love it!! There is no better feeling than having your little boy look at you and want to cuddle. I love to make him laugh! It is my favorite thing to hear his little laugh and I don’t care where I am at I will do whatever it takes to make him laugh! The best part about having a child is they Love you unconditionally! It is the best thing in the world!

I could go on and on about being a mom, but I will sum it off with one last thing. I am so glad God picked me to be Taw’s mom! He will forever be my little boy and I couldn’t imagine life without him! I have a new respect for mothers! I totally understand why messy buns became a trend and completely can relate to a mom when their child is having a meltdown in the middle of the store. I just want to give them a fist bump and say You Got This!!! For all those future mothers You Got This! I hope you have a blessed day!!

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