Men’s Christmas Gift Guide!!

I can’t believe it is already time to start Christmas shopping! If you are like me than I am always happy when I get my Christmas gifts bought early and than I do not stress about it the closer we get to Christmas!! I am going to be sharing several different Christmas gift guides that will hopefully help make Christmas shopping easier and less stressful! These gift guides will have all the items linked below and hopefully give you ideas on what to get the men in your life! The first gift guide I was to share is for the Men! Whether it is a husband or an uncle I think these gifts would be great!!! I did my research and asked the men in my family what they would like to receive! These gifts were either recommended by my husband or gifts that I have previously bought for one of my family members and they loved it!! I hope this helps and you got this… Christmas shopping is going to be so easy this year!!

The first gift guide is for the Tech Guy! This is a man that loves to try new gadgets or is all about technology!

  1. Apple Smart Watch (My husband has one and wears it all the time)
  2. Drone (I gave a drone to my husband and father one Christmas! They had so much fun with them! Funny story my husband actually landed his in a swimming pool and only got to play with it for 5 seconds!!! We had to get him another one! He was a sad child on Christmas!!)
  3. AirPods (My husband loves his wireless headphones, I have heard good reviews on these)
  4. Roku (The best thing ever!!! If you do not have regular TV you will love this to play your Netflixs or Amazon Prime movies)
  5. TV Series (My husband loves to watch a whole TV Series and this Band of Brothers is his favorite! It is a war series that I think the men would love)
  6. Echo Dot (We do not have this but I have heard great reviews! A wireless speaker is always practical to put in the garage or workout room)
  7. Charging Station (My husband is always stealing my charging cords so I think I need to get him this so he can charge everything in the same place. Again I have heard great reviews about this one)

This is a gift guide for The Outdoorsy Guy!! All the men in my family are hunters and ranchers! These would be great gifts for all those men in your life!

  1. Ice Chest (My husband uses his Ice Chest everyday at work, this brand is not as expensive as a Yeti but has very good reviews)
  2. Tactical Backpack (My husband and farther both have a tactical backpack they use for hunting)
  3. Survival Kit (It must be a man thing but they all love survival kits! They want to provide for their family and this kit has all the necessities for them to throw in their truck or go hunting)
  4. Mens Sherpa Levi Coat (My husband looks so good in his Levi Coat! They are so practical and warm!! )
  5. Hunting/Gaming Camera (My dad uses his game camera not only to see deer but also can use it as a security camera!)
  6. Contigo Mug ( My husband and dad both have several of these mugs! They love the Contigo brand)
  7. Bullet Antenna (I got this for my husband last year, it was on his list! It is an antenna for your pickup that is shaped like a bullet!)

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