My Current Favorite Avon Products

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a great week so far!! Some of you may not know that I am an Avon Representative and I sell and distribute Avon. So to start out with, yes I sell it but as always I do not represent or show products unless I truly believe they work or something I personally love! Today I wanted to share with you all five Avon products that I have been loving! Because I am an Avon distributor anything you want to know about Avon or have questions about I will try my very best to get you all the answers I can! 

The first product I absolutely love is my Avon Mascara! I use it daily! I love the big wand and it truly makes my lashes look fuller and longer! I have tried several Avon mascaras but this one is my favorite so far!!

The second product I love is my Avon Primer! When I use a primer I love this formula! It has SPF in it and its great for my skin type! I love how smooth it makes my skin feel!! I was amazed by this product! One of the best parts of Avon is that it is all affordable! It is the same or better than drugstore price! If you are looking for a new primer I highly recommend this one!

The third product I love is Avon’s Anew Night Cream! I have just started using this and already love it! It hereditary in my family to have wrinkles so I am hoping to get a jump start on taking care of my skin! I could truly see a difference from this night cream! I just apply it at night and in the morning my skin feels fresh and firm! I have just started using this but I think this is going to be a product I use weekly!

The fourth product I love is my Avon gel cleanser! I seriously can not go without this one! I use it daily!! I use to use Estee Lauder face wash but truthfully it is so expensive! This one is affordable and it so great for my skin! I am going to try the cream cleanser and see how it compares to the gel cleanser! If there is one product that is my favorite from Amazon it is my facewash!!

The last product I have been loving is their lash serum! I truthfully have not used in consistently like I should but I can tell it would create great results! I plan to be more consistent with it over the summer and enjoy longer lashes!!

So that is it! Those are my favorite Avon Products right now! If you have any questions or want more info on Avon please reach out to me!! I would love to help!!

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