My top 5 Amazon Fashion Purchases!

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share some items that I have recently purchased from Amazon and am loving!! But before I jump into that if you have seen the groundhog that told us we were going to have Spring we need to catch him and have a talk! LoL For real though I thought it was suppose to be spring time and we just had snow yesterday!! I am so ready for sunny days! It just makes me happy! Okay enough about the weather and lets take a look at what I have been loving from Amazon! Just to clarify none of this is sponsored I just really true love this products!

Product #1 – My Apple Watch Bands

As a teacher I bought an Apple Watch and I have been loving it but what I really like is that the bands can be changed out! I love changing up the bands with my outfits! I have bought three watch bands from amazon and I have been loving them! I bought a silver one, a leopard print one, and a designer dupe! They even make great gifts cause I bought my sister this leather one! They are all good quality and are great for changing up the look of your Apple Watch.

Product #2- Glitter Tennis Shoes

I just bought glitter tennis shoes and love them! I have already got so many compliments on them and I have had them for less than a week! They are good quality and the glitter stays on them! They are comfy, I mean not as comfy as Adidas tennis shoes but still they are comfy! I have really enjoyed them cause to me they just make an outfit look put together even if you just have a t-shirt on.

Product #3- Lace Dress

I have been getting more into Amazon Fashion and of course loving the price of it! I recently bought this red lace dress for Valentine’s Day and you guys loved it! I have had so many compliments on this dress, because it really is gorgeous! It has a beautiful lace neckline! I wore it on our Valentine’s Date but it comes in so many colors that you could wear it for so many things, like a baby shower, a date night, or a rehearsal dinner! If you are looking for a gorgeous affordable dress than you will want to check this one out!

Product #4 – Hair Scarves

It has been very trendy lately especially for Spring to wear a small scarf in your hair. I like the trend but was not sure how much I would wear it so I hated to spend a lot of money on them! I found a pack of 12 scarves and love them! They are inexpensive and I use them all the time for my hair or time on a purse! They just dress up and outfit and are fun to play around with!!

Product #5- Swim Suit

Last year was my first time to buy a swim suit on Amazon! I usually spend a lot of money on swim suits because I teach swimming and always want to wear different ones! Amazon has some of the cutest swimsuits and I was shocked on how good of quality they are! I bought this one and have loved it! The pink and green tropical print is cute and so is the criss cross back! I love this swimsuit and I am excited to buy more this year!!

That is my top 5 favorite Amazon Fashion finds that I have been loving! I would love to hear what you are loving from Amazon! If you have any questions about any of the products just ask cause I always want to help you all find the best affordable option! I hope you have a great day and remember you are beautiful inside and out!!

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