New Year and New Workout Clothes!

New Year and New Workout Clothes!


Tank top linked here

Leggings linked here

Tennis shoes linked here

It is a common goal to start working out once the New Year hits! I know one thing that really motivates me to work out is new workout clothes!! Truthfully they do not have to be expensive they just have to be comfy and cute! I found this really cute workout outfit from Walmart!

I love how it fits and it doesn’t break the bank! If you are like me you end up wearing your workout clothes all day, so it is important to have stylish ones!😉

My resolution for 2019 is to try to workout 3 times a week! I ran a half marathon last summer and would like to try to do another race sometime soon! If you want to read about my tips for training for a half marathon you can click here!

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