New Year… Resolutions and Goals for Stylinghearts!

Black Glitter Jumpsuit and Blazer: All About Moi

I can not believe it is 2019!!! That doesn’t even seem possible. I love always making it to a new year and reflecting back on 2018! This year I plan to set goals for my blog and I thought the best way to achieve them is by sharing them with you!

  1. My first goal is to do a Blog Post at least twice a week (hopefully 3)! I want to provide consistent content for you all! I am going to try to post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.
  2. My second goal is to do a try-on session every week for you guys! From October-December I have done a try on session and I received some great feedback from you guys! I love to watch try-on sessions so I figured you guys would like to see them too! 
  3. My third goal is to collaborate with more companies! I have worked with Callees Place, All About Moi, Smile Brillant, The Teal Cactus, Jord Watches, and other places in 2018! It was so much fun and I love collaborating with all of them, so I hope to bring more collaborations to you guys in 2019!!
  4. My fourth goal is to share more about my personal life with you guys! I know as a mother I really enjoy reading blogs about motherhood or where they went on vacation. I hope to share more of my life story with you guys!
  5. The fifth and final goal is to connect with each and everyone of you! I love getting to know all of you and building friendships! I can not wait to continue doing this job in 2019!!

I hope you all had a great year and lets make 2019 the BEST year ever!!!

                                                Lots of Love,

                                                         -Kyli Raine



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