NYFW- New York Fashion Week 2020

NYFW- New York Fashion Week 2020

My first New York Fashion Week was such an amazing experience! It was so amazing to be a part of such an amazing event and incredible designers! I wanted to just share what my week looked like while I was there! If you missed my last blog post check out this blog post- NYFW The Shows for a look at what it looks like to attend the Fashion Shows! I will break this blog post down into a day to day schedule! If you have any questions feel free to comment or message me!!

Day 1: Travel Day

Times Square
Rolfs German Restaurant

Day 1 was full of traveling! We actually flew around in the air circling Atlanta for an hour because we could not land with the bad weather. After landing we received a huge blessing from God and we made our connecting flight and landed in New York City!! The majority of the time while we were in New York we walked but if we needed to travel a far distance we took Lyft! I thought the taxi cabs would be fun to ride in but they charge by the minute and Lyft charges by the distance so it was better to take Lyft! We took a Lyft to our hotel! We stayed at a hotel called The Row! Once we arrived we dropped off our bags and headed to a fancy restaurant called Rolfs!!! It is so beautiful and a fun place to dine! It is a little pricey but so so beautiful!!! After our fancy dinner, we strolled through Times Square!!

Day 2: The Fashion Shows

Radio City
The Fashion Shows
Blogger Friends

Day 2 was full of photos and going to Fashion Shows!! It ended up raining so we went to Radio City and shot some photos!! My mom always does an awesome job at helping me get my photos done! We than had to of course indulge in a New York Style pizza!!! It was so good! It was than time to get ready for the fashion shows! I went to three different fashion shows!!! You can read more about them here!! We ended the night with more pizza and shopping!

Day 3: Tourist Photos and Events

Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock
Dumbo- The View of The Booklyn Bridge
Statue of Liberty
Ann Taylor Event with Style Collective

Day 3 was full of all kinds of touristy fun and photos!!! We went to the Top of The Rock to shoot some photos and it was one of my favorite things we did!! You have to go!!! The Top of The Rock gives you an amazing view of the whole city!! It’s so beautiful and makes great pictures!! We than quickly tried to take the subway to Brooklyn but ended up calling a Lyft! Haha I think if I had more time to figure out the subway system we could of mastered it but we didn’t have much time and decided to take a Lyft to Dumbo! Dumbo is a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge!!! It makes great photos and we ate some amazing food in that area too! We than took a Lyft to see the Statue of a Liberty! We only saw the Statue of Liberty from a distance because it takes almost half a day to go to it on a boat! If we had extra days we would of taken the boat ride! It was still really neat to see the iconic statue from a distance! We than headed back to our hotel to go to an Ann Taylor event that was put on by Style Collective! Style Collective is a group for fashion bloggers! I highly recommend checking it out if you are a fashion blogger!! After our event at Ann Taylor we shopped at the iconic Macy’s!!! My mom loved this part because that’s where the thanksgiving day parades are and Miracle on 34th Street was filmed! It’s such a neat store and it is so huge!!! We ended our night meeting some blogger friends for a late supper at Serra!! It is such a beautiful place to eat!!!!

Day 4: Cantral Park

Central Park
Tibi Collection

Day 4 was our last day! We decided to take a walk through Central Park! Central Park is so beautiful and peaceful! You definitely will want to see it while you are in New York!!! After our stroll through Central Park we went to one last event! I went to the Tibi showroom and viewed their newest collection! It was such an honor to see what all new items are coming out! After that we headed to the airport! Btw I didn’t have time to change and I had a red sequin romper on!! I set of the security system and had to be patted down in the airport! It was embarrassing and I can say I stood out! We than boarded the plan to head home!!

The whole trip was amazing! It was such an honor to be able to attend so many amazing shows and events! I love New York Fashion Week and hope to go back soon!!

Have Courage and Be Kind❤️

Jeremiah 29:11

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