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I can not believe that I am writing this blog post right now because that means I got to go to New York Fashion Week (NYFW)!!! I had the best time ever!! It was such a neat experience and a blessing to get invited to these shows!!

NYFW is a week in New York where designers showcase their new designs! This week is full of meetings, runway shows, events, and photo shoots! It is so much fun but so BUSY!!!! This was my first time to attend to NYFW so I want to share my amazing experience with you all!! Hopefully this will help you understand what all takes place during NYFW! I come from a very small town so this was all new to me and getting to experience it by attending was AMAZING!!

I am going to do several blog posts on NYFW but today I want to share all about The Fashion Shows also known as Runway! A Runway show is where a designer displays their latest creation for the future season. The designers showcase their designs a year in advance so what I saw in the runway shows help as a fashion blogger predict the fashion trends that will be showing the next year!

This year I attended 3 shows and I can not believe it! I was invited to 7 shows which is such a blessing from God!! Some of them I could not make because I was only able to stay for the weekend and with it being my first year I wanted to take it easy and not feel rushed around the city! The three shows I went to were so much fun!!

The first show I went to was a last minute surprise! While I was waiting on the Pamella Roland show a women told me her daughter designs clothes and she would love for me to review her designs! We ended up going to the show and it was so much fun!

The second show I went to was AMAZING!! It was the Pamella Roland show! I was so blessed to get into Pamellla Rolands show and see her amazing designs!! She is incredible talented and makes the most beautiful dresses!! This was a big show and so many amazing people and celebrities attended this show! I even saw Nigel Barker there!! I absolutely love formal dresses so seeing this runway show was a dream come true!!

The final show we saw was the Oxford Fashion show! It was so neat to see some amazing designers all in one show!!! What I loved seeing from all the shows was how incredible talented the designers are!!!

The Runway shows were definitely one of my favorite parts of NYFW!! I can not wait to go back and see more shows in the future!! Besides the shows we went to a few events and presentations! It was also so much fun getting to meet other bloggers who were at the shows! I will explain more about these things in another post!! You can check out my Instagram @stylinghearts for more highlights from NYFW!!

Tips On Attending Your First Fashion Show

  1. You will be standing in a line to get in… have comfortable shoes!
  2. Try to find a friend at the show who can take your picture after the show for the perfect runway shot!
  3. I recommend trying to get still photos during the beginning of the show. At the end of the show they will have all the models walk out for a final walk. This is a great time for video!
  4. Arrive at least 30 minutes early! The lines start early!
  5. You will wait for a show 30-40 minutes and the show usually last around 30 minutes!

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