Sweater Dress- The must-have dress for the Holiday seasons!!

Sweater Dress- The must-have dress for the Holiday seasons!!


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Sweater Dress


It is officially sweater weather in Oklahoma and I love it! I also love going shopping with my mother and sister during this time of year because we always have the best time. It is so much fun to just spend time with each other. My sister is now in college and I have a baby so shopping trips are a special treat cause life is just so busy it is hard to find the time (and we live 2 hours from the nearest mall or target). As long as a I remember I can hear my mom saying “hey, did you see that? That is what is going to be in style, you should get it so you will be the first to wear it back home”. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone so it was always fun to be the first to wear something in style. My mother would literally always guess what was going to be in style before it hit our small town. Small towns are great! Enough talk about the small town life, but speaking of trendy… Have you seen all the beautiful SWEATER DRESSES! I think I love sweater dresses because it means we are getting closer to the Holidays! They are so comfy but they still look like you put effort into your outfit (as a new mom, I live for those type of things)!! This sweater dress is my favorite right now and it was under $40 at Kohls! Hope you all are having a great day and getting ready for the holiday festivities that are right around the corner!!

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