Teacher Christmas Gift Guide!

Hey Guys! I am back with another Gift Guide!! This one is for the teachers! I know during the holidays a lot of parents give their Childs teacher a gift! It is a nice gesture and I know the teachers appreciate it! As a teacher, I have rounded up several gifts that I would personally love or gifts that I know teachers have received and have loved!! The best part of this gift guide is that they are all Amazon Prime Gifts so they can be at your house in two days! I also kept them very affordable because I know how expensive it can get during the holidays!

  1. Devotional– Most teachers love to read so getting her/him a book or devotional they love would be perfect! I have a devotional sitting by my office computer and enjoy reading it! I love that it is short and sweet so I can read it before I start my day!
  2. Socks– I think everyone loves new socks!! These teacher socks are so fun and would be the cutest gift!!
  3. Gift Card – You can never go wrong with a gift card!! This one is from Amazon, because every teacher loves amazon!!
  4. Notepads– I found this set of 4 notepads! They have the cutest designs and are very affordable! Teachers have to write a lot down and these notepads would make taking notes more fun!!
  5. Coffee Cup– I thought this teacher coffee mug was so cute! You could fill it with candy and you have the perfect affordable gift!
  6. Paper Mate Pens– These are the best pens ever! As a teacher I use these all the time!! Also they are great for planners!
  7. Food Gift Baskets– Amazon offers several different gift baskets! You can not go wrong with a pre made gift basket! Especially if you are on a time crunch! This one is full of chocolate so you know any teacher would love this! Gift baskets on amazon also work well if you need to mail a gift! You can change the shipping address and they will have it at their house in two days! It is a lot cheaper than mailing something and you can also attach a little gift tag too!!

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