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I am officially one week away from starting back to school!!! I can not believe how fast time flies!! This year will be a fun year because it will be the first year in our brand new school!! This teacher gets to move in a brand new building!! It was a lot of work moving everything over but it is so exciting to have a clean slate and a new space!! If you didn’t know I am a library media specialist and have been working in this school for three years! I originally was a PE teacher but when my husband and I moved back home this was the only position that I could take! So I went back to grad school and got my masters in educational media technology!!! The funny thing is that I didn’t think the library position would be for me but truthfully it has all been a blessing from God! My grad classes had me learn about websites and even helped me start this blog!! Anyways everything works out for a reason and it is so neat to step back and see how far you have came in life and the journey you take to get there!

           Probably my favorite thing about back to school time is the shopping and rooms decorating!! We all know I love to shop! My heart is so happy when I see the stores rolling out their new clothes, backpacks and planners!! So I thought I would share with you a back to school series!! The first part of my back to school series is Teacher Style!!! Teachers have certain dress codes they have to meet and I totally understand that sometimes it is hard to find outfits that are cute but still fit those requirements!

          First of all when I think of a librarian, which is teacher position I think of a woman who wears cardigans, glasses and not in style haha!!! Well this librarian (me) has decided to change that!! I want to be a teacher that dresses in style! Not only do I like dressing in style but I think it truly helps the students relate to you!! When the girls see you dress up and stay up to date with the trends, I think the students connect with you and feel that you understand them better! So today I want to share cute and trendy teacher outfits that are from Amazon!! All of the items are linked below the pictures!!






You guys I have always wanted a blazer like this and this one is so good! I paired it with a yellow cami and white jeans!! I love yellow and navy paired together!! This whole outfit is affordable and great quality! It easily makes an outfit look professional and stylish!!





This next outfit is casual but so cute! This top is so cute and trendy! I paired this top with white jeans! It has the cute cross cross at the top and the v neck is not too low cut!! It comes in several colors and would be perfect for school spirit colors!! You can also throw a cardigan over it to transition into Fall! Another way to style this outfit is paired with black Spanx Leggings! I think ever teacher needs a pair of Spanx Leggings!! They are literally the best leggings ever!!! 

JEANS (similar here)

Snakeskin is going to be very trendy this fall! So, what would be cuter than a snakeskin blazer! This one is lightweight and very affordable! It is not as good quality as the other blazer but it is also probably half the cost!! I paired it with a black tank (cami) and jeans!

PINK HEELS (Similar Here) 

I have fallen in love with jumpsuits!! First of all they are very comfortable but they also look so stylish! This jumpsuit is so cute and would be perfect for teaching! This one does run small so I recommend sizing up! It is long enough to be pants and the v neck runs a little deep so I recommend safety pinning it so it is not too revealing!


This jumpsuit is so very stylish and comfortable! If you are tall I do recommend sizing up! I love this color red but it also comes in other colors too!

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