Walmart Spring Fashion Finds!

As some of you know I am from a very small town. I’m talking about a town small enough that it does not have a stop light, but I absolutely love it!! It is funny to tell someone you are a fashion blogger who lives in the middle of nowhere and your closest mall is two hours away!!! Yes, It may sound crazy, but it also one of the fuels to creating this blog. Just like me there are probably millions of you that do the majority of your shopping at Walmart. It is only 30 minutes away from us so we do all our shopping there! And I just want to say, Walmart is stepping it up! I have shopped there my whole life and I can tell in the past 3-5 years they have really worked hard on their fashion department! They have really expanded their online store! You can now even buy designer items through them! It’s crazy!

With that being said I have recently been really excited to go to Walmart just to check out their clothing department! I want to share with you a couple outfits I have recently purchased from them and I will also attach options that I would love to have in my closet!!

Whether you are a small town girl or are just looking for affordable fashion Walmart is the place! I am actually going there today and I have done a couple try on sessions on my Instagram that you can check out here! Walmart has came out with a couple new clothing lines. One clothing line that I love is their Time and Tru line. It is very modern and cute!!Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember you are beautiful inside and out!!

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