What to wear to a Fall/Winter Wedding!

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Hey guys!! Happy November! I can not believe it is November! November is such a beautiful and fun month! I think that is why so many people get married during this time!! However if you live in Oklahoma November can be all kinds of crazy weather!! It can be freezing cold one moment and warm the next! That is why I decided to create this blog post! I want to help you find the perfect outfit to wear for a Fall/Winter wedding! I am going to link several outfits I think would be appropriate for a wedding during this time of year!!! I also will link several cardigans or jackets that would be appropriate in case it is an extra chilly fall day! I hope this helps you all find the perfect outfit for the wedding!! Also the dress I am wearing in this post is so affordable and amazing!! I showed my mom while she was taking the pictures and she was amazed at how beautiful of a dress it was!!! I was so glad this company sent it to me!!! It comes in several colors too!! I hope you all have a wonderful first week of November and I will catch back up with you guys later!!

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