What You Need To Know For Your First Sprint Triathlon!

What You Need To Know For Your First Sprint Triathlon!

Hey guys!! Today I wanted to share my experience and tips for competing in your first sprint triathlon! I always like to try new things and a sprint triathlon has been on my bucket list! Also I previously shared my tips on training for a Half Marathon that you can read here! First of all this is my first sprint triathlon ever! The only knowledge I had going into this was reading blog posts or googling my answers! I am not claiming to know all of the tips, but I will share what I did to compete in my first race! I had a wonderful time and hope to do more in the future! So lets get started!

The first tip I want to share is the equipment you need to participate in a sprint triathlon! So to start out with, I did not want to pay a ton of money for a sprint triathlon because I was not sure I would like it and I did not even know what to expect for the first one! So let me just say that you do not have to spend a lot of money for your first sprint triathlon! Just get the bare necessities and you will be able to participate! If you decide it is something you love than you can easily invest in the equipment you want!

Equipment you will need: To begin with you will set up your transition station. This is a station that will have all your transition pieces like your bike, helmet, and running shoes! You just lay it all out so it is easily to access when you are making your transitons!

Swim Gear– I absolutely loved my trisuit! I think it was worth every penny! I used it through the whole race and put on a tank top over it during my bike and run so they could see my number! It is perfect to go from swimming to biking! You do not have to have a trisuit but if you are wanting to find an affordable one I linked one here! The second triathlon I did was open water, so I recommend having goggles! I will link here the ones I used! I also brought a towel to wipe my feet off with after I swam!

Bike and Helmet– You bike does not have to be top of the line! Bikes can be expensive! I used my bike from my teenage years and it worked just fine! I will say a nice bike is beneficial but if it is your first race there is no need to go out and buy an expensive bike! Your bike helmet has to be CPSC approved (most helmets are approved, but you can find it located on the packaging of the helmet to see if it is). Remember to also bring a tank top so you can pin your biking and running number to it!

Running Shoes: You just need a pair of tennis shoes that you can bike and run in! I also wore my socks, but this is personal preference!

After you have all the equipment you need you can start your training! Truthfully I have always been a believer in as long as you keep increasing you will be fine! So I started out practicing all three events individually and up till the race increasing my distances! I only was able to swim twice because when you live in Oklahoma the pools do not open until the end of May or early June! What I did is find a training plan on Pinterest that fits your time length and ability! I just would alternate practicing between all the events throughout the week! I would consistently increase my distance each week! Triathlons are designed to use your strength and endurance! As long as you are consistently building your endurance and strength you should be fine to complete a sprint triathlon! I would recommend practicing biking and than running! It is a weird feeling going from riding a bike to running! Practicing the transitions will help you prepare for the race! In all my training I think as long as you are able to workout and increase you will be fine the day of the race! My sprint triathlon consisted of 300yd swim, 10 mile bike ride, and 2 mile run! I would constantly increase my workout until I could accomplish all of these distances. I also did a second triathlon that was open water! It is harder because you can not stop or take a break! I recommend if you can to have your first sprint triathlon in a pool! It is a good way to get started in this sport!

My third tip is allow yourself to try something new! I do not think any amount of preparation can truly prepare you for an actual sprint triathlon! The best way to figure out how to do one is to actually participate in one! I had no idea what was going on, but most sprint triathlons are geared for beginners and are a great way to start out! I would look for a sprint triathlon that is short! The triathlon I went to actually had youth divisions before the adult divisions so it was great for beginners. It is such an accomplishment to transition from all the events so allow yourself to try something new! Everyone has a favorite part of the race and a part that they are not as good at! The fun part is just making it through them all!

After participating I felt so accomplished! I was excited to have completed all the tasks! My biggest tip of all is just do it!! You may love it and its so exciting to say you completed a Sprint Triathlon! If you have any questions please ask! I would love to help you out!! Have a great day!!

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